Virtual Driver Application


 This application will be for the Drift City Virtual competition on Assetto Corsa.

**We will be accepting REAL-LIFE DRIVERS ONLY.**


Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2023

Time: 8PM EST (plan 2-3 hrs)

$26 Entry Fee

1st Place: Simagic Direct Drive Wheel + Sponsor Swag

2nd Place: Halyn Crate Keyboard + Sponsor Swag

3rd Place: $10 Gift Card + Sponsor Swag



Drivers will be selected within a few days after a submitted application and applications are first come first serve until 32 spots are met.

Main Event Drivers

If you are selected you will receive an email with further instructions and a virtual ticket to pay your entry fee.  **You will be sent to ONLY to pay for your ticket**

If you do not pay for your entry fee by February 4th (7 days prior to the event) we will need to disqualify you and move on to the next applicant. A reminder email will be sent prior to this.

If you have been accepted but are not able to attend, please DO NOT pay and send an email to and we will move on to the next applicant. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED once you have paid! (Backup drivers will only receive a refund if they were not needed for the event.)

After application submittal please check your email (and spam folder) within a few days and if you have not heard back by Jan 30th please send me a message or email

Payment Deadline(incl. backup drivers): February 4th, 2023

Backup Drivers

(6) Backup drivers will be selected (once all 32 spots have been filled) and backup drivers position will be assigned based on application receival date. Backup driver #1 (earliest applicant) will have the first opportunity to take the spot of a Top 32 driver. Backup drivers will also be required to pay the $26 entry fee but any backup drivers that do not end up in the final show, due to full attendance, will be fully refunded. As a backup driver, if you have paid for your spot (7 days prior to the event) your entry fee will be non-refundable if a spot is left empty due to your absence.

Backup drivers will receive a separate ticket from the main 32 drivers.



This event will be live streamed! Click Here for Event Link

There is no qualifying for this event. Your spot will be randomly selected. A jam session will be provided as practice before the competition. A live bracket will be provided during the stream and a link will be sent in the discord.

The track and cars will also be provided in the discord. Our virtual comps will have custom made tracks just for our events. Each track will be made with a specific purpose of challenging the drivers and pushing the limits of the cars.

Cars: N-Style Car Pack

Track: Drift City | Origin Blvd.



- Sim Rig (of course)

- Assetto Corsa/Content Manager

- Headphones with Mic

- Discord Account





We recognize that the talent in the drifting eSports community is substantial and we wanted to give a more average person a shot at winning this direct drive wheel. Most drift drivers who get into sim drifting have lesser second-hand wheels and lose interest because of the lack of connection to real life. We wanted to give them an opportunity to mend this bridge.
Although we don't have plans for it yet, we may do an all sim drivers competition in the future.


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Event sponsored by

Competition Inquiries:

Sponsor Inquiries: 

Facebook - Halyn Crate, Stu Kelly Motorsports

Instagram - Halyn Crate, ONELIFE, Stu Kelly Motorsports



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